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We have got Organic fabrics for you from Bamboo to Hemp. Check our women’s clothing range for bamboo yoga leggings and T-shirts online. Bamboo is a great fabric choice for yoga outfit for ladies, as it is very comfortable and flexible to stretch those muscles. We also have multiple color options for girl’s leggings for everyday usage.

Women Legging Black Bamboo Legging

Women Legging Black Bamboo Legging

Check out our modest collection of bamboo clothing for women.

All you need to make that body flexible is some stretching in the morning. Whether you are starting a yoga practice or you are already a pro at it, our yoga pants for women, are pretty stretchy and comfortable. Our yoga pants are made out of bamboo fabric which is a great sweat absorbent and is also very stretchable in nature.  

Is yoga not your thing? Are you a hardcore workout freak? We still got you covered. Our leggings for women are super absorbents of moisture. These pants absorb sweat while you work out, keeping your skin dry and odour-free. Bamboo is well known for its antibacterial nature.  

Be it a casual meeting, a work-out session or a lazy day at home, our bamboo t-shirt serves the purpose. We also have a wide range of colour options for plain t-shirts. You will want to live in our t-shirt the entire day, as it is weaved to be so comfortable. It absorbs moisture keeping your skin dry while you work-out. No more worrying about odor when you are meeting someone, as our bamboo t-shirt keeps bacteria and odour at bay. Our fabric is also natural UV protectant, so don’t hesitate to go out in the sun from now on. You can simply pair your favorite t-shirt with our yoga pants and go ahead to work that body. Trust us, this is the best yoga outfit for ladies, considering all the aspects required.

Want to style your kurti or top with a comfortable legging? Pair it up with our women’s casual leggings.  Whether you are sitting in your office the whole day or travelling continuously for hours, our leggings for girls provides you utmost comfort and freshness throughout. You go girl!

Think of something different to gift your friends and family this year. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift, they will be amazed to receive an organic and eco-friendly product. It serves as a great option for corporate gifting as well. Surprise your team with our colorful bamboo t-shirts as a remembrance.

How is Craftdeal clothing so unique?

Firstly, we are proud to say all our products are made in India, mostly by the locals from rural India. We are not only raising an organic and eco-friendly business but also providing a great opportunity to the locals to put their skill at work.

Secondly, we carefully considered a few downsides of our fashion industry today and decided to break the conventional clothing style by using bamboo to weave our garments and other products.

The fashion industry today is filled with a number of different kinds of fabrics and each fabric falls on a different level on a scale that accounts to damage done to the environment. While almost all the fabrics cost to some amount of environmental damage, fabrics like Bamboo, Lenin and cotton are much eco-friendlier and more organic than synthetic fabrics like Polyester and Acrylic which are extremely harmful for our eco-system.

75% of our current garment industry uses synthetic fabric which takes 200 years to decompose naturally. However, it is still so popular because it is cheap, wrinkle-resistant and durable.

Bamboo Yoga Legging
Women Legging Black Bamboo Legging

Why bamboo, when there are so many other fabrics available?

Bamboo causes the least harm to the environment while giving you the best comfort you will ever need.  To elaborate,

  • Bamboo fabric feels as soft as a feather on your skin. It gives you a luxurious feel although it is very economical.
  • The fabric is also anti-bacterial. It is a great moisture absorbent, and so keeps you dry and fresh for a longer period of time.
  • The garment made out of bamboo are also stretchable to give you comfort even while working out.
  • Be it hot summers or freezing winters, bamboo fiber has the great ability for thermal insulation. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summers.
  • Considering the environmental aspects, Bamboo grows with natural rainwater whereas cotton consumes huge amounts of water
  • Bamboo doesn’t require any pesticides to grow while growing cotton needs heavy usage of pesticides, although it seems to be a great fabric.
  • Bamboo uses only 50% percent of the land when compared to cotton.
  • Harvesting bamboo doesn’t need uprooting of the bamboo plants. Fresh crop regrows from the existing roots after harvesting. This not only prevents deforestation but also reduces soil-erosion. Whereas, fabrics like rayon on the other hand, are made out of hard wood, which implies deforestation, as the trees are cut down to acquire the fiber.

Once you get used to our squishy and comfortable bamboo clothing, trust us you’ll never go back to any other fabric.

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