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Welcome to our men clothing store. We have a variety of Organic fabrics collection from Bamboo to Hemp just for you. Bamboo Fabric is a smart choice for men to be comfortable as well as support eco-friendly materials and voice -up for local. Wear a bamboo t-shirt for gym or yoga pants for stretching and see how wonderfully stretchable and sweat-absorbent they are! We know a man loves his polo neck t-shirts and at Craftdeal, you can grab them! Check our clothing range for polo T-shirts, plain T-shirts and gym t-shirts for men. These T-shirts are so comfortable and durable that you won’t regret spending on them.


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Men’s Clothing

Are you vexed up with too many clothing options available online? There are too many brands and too many different fabric options today, and it is difficult to trust the quality of the garment you are buying. If you are someone, who is looking for simple multi-purpose, high quality and durable clothes, then you have landed on the right page. At craftdeal, we carefully handpick the garments, which are crafted to be durable, comfortable and organic. Since we care about the environment as much as we care about you, we also make sure that the products we have are eco-friendly and made by our fellow Indians. Check out our clothing collection for men including joggers and t-shirts online.

Products we offer in our clothing line for men

Pull of that casual look at work with our bamboo polo t shirts. You can live in it with utmost softness and comfort throughout the day. The fabric makes sure to keep you fresh the entire day. Going on a trek? Just slip into our round neck t shirt and get moving. Don’t hesitate to sweat it out, our bamboo t-shirt has got you back. It ensures to absorb the moisture and keeps you dry and odor free throughout the day. Impress her with that casual vibe with our full sleeved t-shirt during that winter date night. Our bamboo t shirts act as thermal insulators keeping you warm in the winter and cold in the summers. Go for that run in our bamboo joggers, without feeling sticky or itchy. Our bamboo jogger has the ability to quickly absorbs the sweat, keeping bacteria and odour away. Simply pair it up with our plain t-shirts and check the casual look. Think of something different for corporate gifting this year. Surprise your team with our colorful bamboo t-shirts as a remembrance. Order Bamboo t-shirts online, on our website. Your friends and family will be amazed to receive such a thoughtful gift which is organic and eco-friendly. Choose something for them too.
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What is our fabric specialty?

Bamboo provides you the best comfort you will ever need while causing the least harm to the environment.  How, you ask?
  • Bamboo is also called a poor man’s timber because of its versatile nature and multiple uses. In fact, India is the world’s second large cultivator of bamboo after china. It is grown in 10 million hectares in India and about 8.6 million people depend on bamboo for their livelihood and the majority of it is rural India.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable businesses solely focusing on organic products like ours, additionally provide a huge opportunity for locals to grow and harvest bamboo.
  • Considering the environmental aspects, Bamboo grows with natural rainwater whereas cotton consumes huge amounts of water
  • Bamboo doesn’t require any pesticides to grow while growing cotton needs heavy usage of pesticides, although it seems to be a great fabric.
  • Bamboo uses only 50% percent of the land when compared to cotton.
  • Harvesting bamboo doesn’t need uprooting of the bamboo plants. Fresh crop regrows from the existing roots after harvesting. This not only prevents deforestation but also reduces soil-erosion. Whereas, fabrics like rayon on the other hand, are made out of hard wood, which implies deforestation, as the trees are cut down to acquire the fiber.
  • Bamboo fabric feels as soft as a feather on your skin. It gives you a luxurious feel although it is very economical.
  • The fabric is also anti-bacterial. It is a great moisture absorbent, and so keeps you dry and fresh for a longer period of time.
  • The garment made out of bamboo are also stretchable to give you comfort even while working out.
  • Be it hot summers or freezing winters, bamboo fiber has the great ability for thermal insulation. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summers.
  • At Craftdeal we take great pride in supporting the local artisans and their soulful efforts dedicated to various stages of developing a product, starting from growing bamboo to producing the end product.
Once you get used to our squishy and comfortable bamboo clothing, trust us you’ll never go back to any other fabric. Simply try our bamboo t-shirts online to start your journey with bamboo.
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