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Choosing Bamboo bottles over plastic bottles is not only a step towards reducing plastic usage but also providing employment opportunity for the local bamboo farmers and artisans. Check out our bottle range to pick the best water bottle to go eco-friendly. Our copper water bottle is a smart way to incorporate highly beneficial copper into your health routine.


Organic Bottles

Bamboo-Steel Bottle 500ml



Bamboo Bottles

Did you know that, it takes up to 1,000 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose? Unfortunately, 80 percent of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills. The landfills are overflowing with more than 2 million tons of discarded water bottles. Bamboo bottle is one of the best water bottle option not only as a step towards reducing plastic usage but also a great employment opportunity for the local bamboo farmers and artisans. These eco-friendly bottles are as good and convenient as plastic bottles, if not, even better than those. You can carry them anywhere very conveniently as they are leak-proof. It also feels great when you quench your thirst from something so natural and close to mother earth.

The bamboo used for our bottles is sustainably harvested. It is grown naturally, without any added chemicals or pesticides. We send your bottle in a paper packaging with zero usage of plastic, making it 100% organic and compostable. Is this not enough to call it as the best water bottle? It is.

Bamboo Steel Bottles

The bamboo steel bottle is another variant available on our website. These bottles are double wall vacuum insulated. The outer wall is made from premium looking bamboo wood and Inner Wall made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. They are also equipped with a great feature, that is temperature control. Store in cool water and it stays cool for a long time. In the same way, when you are in a rush, take that coffee along in the bamboo bottle and we assure you that it stays hot. The vacuum insulation ensures the bottle is airtight and helps retain the original flavor of your drinks.

Cleaning these bottles is also super easy because of its wide mouth. What else do you need? It’s time to switch from those plastic bottles. It’s time to take a step and save yourself and also the environment.

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Pure Copper Bottle

Pure Copper Bottles

Copper is one of the very essential nutrients for our body. It enables our body to produce red blood cells, when combined with iron. Good copper levels in our diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also helps maintain healthy bones, nerves and blood vessels. It also contributes greatly to boost our immune system.

Along with that, copper is also known to aid weight loss, prevents stroke, brain productivity, anti-ageing, curing arthritis and joint pains and fighting cancer.

When copper has such innumerable health benefits, why not incorporate it into our lifestyle as much as possible. Let our Pure Copper water Bottle be a step to incorporate copper into your health.

Copper bottle is another best water bottle alternative to use on a daily basis. Storing water in a copper bottle releases some of its ions into the water, through a process called the Oligodynamic effect. Studies say that copper is the only solid surface material that can kill bacteria which is harmful for human health.

What is the ideal way to use the copper bottle for maximum health benefits? Store drinking water in the bottle and leave it overnight and drink it first thing in the morning.

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