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You wouldn’t want to start your day, being a part of plastic pollution, would you? Then, it’s time for a small change that stimulates a huge impact on our environment. Start by swapping your plastic toothbrush with our Bamboo toothbrush. Also try our copper tongue cleaner and neem tongue scrapper along with our bamboo India toothbrush.


Bamboo Toothbrush

Oral care

What is the first thing you touch in the morning? A toothbrush is it? Do you really want to start each day of your life, being a part of environmental destruction? A plastic tooth brush might seem to be an insignificant object on this huge planet, but a billion of them are disposed every year, which is something to consider.

Swap out that plastic toothbrush with our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush

Many toothbrushes today are not recyclable because of the composite plastic that is used to make them. According to national geographic, a toothbrush that was used in 1930s is still out there in the world somewhere, living on as a piece of trash.

Plastic has become a prominently used material over the last few decades and it has allowed us to make so many technological advances in all areas of life. It is now used in manufacturing literally every item we use in our day.

According to studies, 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean each year and all of it just floats around along with the ocean’s currents.

Apart from onetime-use plastic items, plastic food packaging and others, toothbrushes alone contribute to a vast amount to this total.

Of course, we already know how harmful plastic is and its entirely up to us to take a step and do our part. Changing your plastic tooth brush to our biodegradable bamboo tooth brush, is a small step but a good place to start caring for the environment. 

Check our eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush India, which facilitates absolute dental hygiene, crafted with utmost care towards our environment. It has a 100% Biodegradable handle along with activated Charcoal coated soft bristles. Charcoal naturally has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to fight the build-up of plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Bamboo-Combo-Oral Kit
Copper Tongue Cleaner

How is copper good for us?

Copper is one of the very essential nutrients for our body. It enables our body to produce red blood cells, when combined with iron. Good copper levels in our diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also helps maintain healthy bones, nerves and blood vessels. It also contributes greatly to boost our immune system.

Along with that, copper is also known to aid weight loss, prevents stroke, brain productivity, anti-ageing, curing arthritis and joint pains and fighting cancer.

When copper has such innumerable health benefits, why not incorporate it into our lifestyle as much as possible. Let our Copper Tongue Cleaner be an initiative to incorporate copper into your health. Also try our Bamboo oral kit, which consists of eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrush India and a health boosting copper Tongue cleaner.

Going back to our roots by using neem for oral hygiene

Ayurveda calls a neem tree as ‘Sarva roga nirodhana’, which means, different parts of the neem tree can be used to cure almost all the diseases. Every part of the neem tree, leaves, flowers and twigs are useful in their own way to promote human health.

In ancient India, our ancestors used neem twig as a tooth brush to clean their teeth back then. Chewing the neem twig is known for its medicinal properties, it helps prevention of plaque formation. Neem is also very well known for its anti-cavity and anti-bacterial nature. Our ancient Ayurveda suggests neem as best for oral hygiene and dental health.

As we already understood the harm caused by plastic toothbrushes, you know it’s time to switch to an eco-friendly option. We present you with another best toothbrush option along with our bamboo and wooden toothbrushes, that is our Neem Toothbrush and Neem tongue scrapper. All our oral products, including Bamboo toothbrush India are mostly biodegradable in nature and they are manufactured locally without causing any kind of harm to the environment.

neem toothbrush
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