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Just take a look at your grooming products and you’ll see most of them are made out of plastic. You can do something good to the environment by making a small change like swapping that plastic comb with a wooden comb for your hair. Also try our Neem wood comb and Beard comb from our grooming range.



Pure Neem Comb


7.5 Pure Neem Comb with handle

Wooden Combs are the best!

Grooming is not only taking care of your physical appearance but also taking care of your overall well-being. Grooming undoubtedly plays a huge role in boosting your self-esteem and persona. When you know you look good, you feel good about yourself and you are much confident in yourself. That confidence in turn reaps you whatever you wish for, be it your dream job or a woman you admire. Apart from making you feel good, a properly groomed person is considered worthy by people around him. His opinions and judgements are respected by his colleagues and family members. Grooming gives an invisible assurance to your capabilities and powers. Unfortunately, such an important part of our daily life is undertaken by environmentally harmful plastic products most of the time. Check your cupboard and you’ll find most of your grooming products made out of plastic. Let’s start with a comb, which is the most basic product of you grooming routine. It is almost certain, that most of use a plastic comb. Try switching this basic product to an eco-friendly one. A wooden comb for hair, which is 100 percent bio degradable sounds perfect right.

Handmade Wooden Beard Comb

Our wooden beard comb is artistically designed and hand made using high quality Sheesham wood. This comb acts very sensitively on your skin, with a smooth finish to it. And yes, it is important to comb your beard everyday as it is hygienic and prevents issues like, ingrown hair, itchiness and patchy beard. Most importantly, this wooden comb for hair gives you a dapper look, anybody would fall for.
Moustache Pure Neem Comb 2
7.5 Pure Neem Comb with handle

Pure Neem Comb

Our neem wood comb is not only eco-friendly, but also has several medicinal properties as per Ayurveda. This wooden comb for hair works great for your scalp too. It helps prevent dandruff, itchiness and promote hair growth. As important as grooming is, it is also necessary keep our environment is mind. In today’s online shopping era, you have a number of eco-friendly alternatives to choose from. You just need to be a little environmentally conscious to do so.
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