Honey syrup – the go-to for weight loss

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Honey Syrup is often understood as a sweet viscid substance. It is made from nectar and is stored in nests or hives as food. The best part? It is considered to be an ultimate addition for most recipes. However, mostly, it is considered to be the best for weight loss. A lot of people in today’s century are suffering from excess weight problems. What then could act as a possible solution? It is honey syrup to the rescue.


Food items across the globe have their own superpower. The superpower honey has is that of weight loss and management. Did you know that you could drop one size in three weeks? YES! you can. Eating one spoonful of honey helps you lose weight to such an extent. Isn’t that just unbelievable? We sure thought it was. We, at craftdeal sure believe in it. Check the honey available here!

Honey Syrup for Weight loss

I am sure many of us have tried our hand at losing weight, only to be unsuccessful a million times. Do you know what could be a great start? It would be to add honey as a part of your daily food intake. You wanna know how? Keep scrolling!

1. Supplant sugar with honey

Sugar is present in honey. Honey, on one hand, provides vitamins and minerals that are advantageous when compared to refined sugar, refined sugar, on the other hand, is classified as “empty calories,” meaning that it has no nutritional value. As a result, when you consume too much sugar, you gain weight not only as a result of the calories but also as a result of the lack of vitamins and minerals. Contrary to this, honey syrup counteracts this impact by being a good source of nutrients that aid in weight loss.

2. Skip Junk Food

Fast food has started becoming easily available in today’s fast-paced world. As a result, children and adults together have greater access to it. This has been leading to increasing unhealthy bodies and obese people. Moreover. junk food is nothing but empty calories meant to fill the stomach. In order for honey to work better, one needs to stop eating junk food.

3. Opt for unrefined carbs

Refined white flour found in white pasta and white rice causes bloog sugar spikes. Because whole grain bread, pasta, and brown rice are high in fibre, they aid digestion, take longer to digest, and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Make sure that carbs make up less than a quarter of your meal and that you have plenty of protein and veggies on your plate. Honey acts as a great motivator for weight loss. However, one needs to fulfill the extra efforts needed in order for honey to work effectively.

4. Protien and honey syrup go hand-in-hand

Protien is required in almost every diet. It serves to be of great nutritional value. Honey and protien can world amazingly hand-in-hand. Keep your proteins low, but include them in every meal to keep you full and minimise a blood sugar spike that leads to cravings.

5. Fruits? Be careful

Although fruits happen to be amazing in terms on nutritional value for body, when consumed with along with honey, one needs to be careful. This is because fruits contain a large amount of sugar. Fruits are an easy diet alternative, but keep in mind that most fruits are heavy in sugar and may interfere with your honey diet. Reduce your fruit consumption or replace it with low-carb fruits like berries and rhubarb.

6. Follow the hibernation diet

The hibernation diet is a weight-loss plan that teaches us how to manage our weight while sleeping. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? All you have to do to follow this diet is eat a teaspoon of honey before going to bed. This method takes advantage of our biology. Our liver is fueled by honey, which speeds up the fat-burning metabolism. You can lose weight while hibernating, as the name of the diet suggests.

Ways to use honey for weight loss

We all can agree that creativity makes things certainly more interesting. Doesn’t it? Eating a spoonful of honey everyday can definitely produce effects. However, imagine the unique ways in which we can continue to enjoy its taste. Added advantage? Simultaneously, we also lose weight. Keep scrolling to know ways in which one can consume honey.

  • Honey and warm water
  • Lemon juice mixed with honey
  • Honey and cinnamon
  • Honey and cereal
  • Green tea mixed with lemon and honey

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To reduce weight, one must eliminate sugar from one’s everyday diet, and honey is the most reliable sugar substitute. Honey not only has less calories per gramme, but it also takes less honey to achieve the same level of sweetness that we consume on a regular basis. Honey, as previously said, has numerous health benefits. Aside from the health benefits, honey is excellent for the environment since it increases the demand for bee farms, which helps to create a greener planet. Although honey is a better alternative sweetener, too much of anything is harmful.

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