What Are The 10 Medicinal Plants And Their Uses?

plants - medicinal plants and their uses

Nature has blessed us with everything that we require for a healthy lifestyle. Before the advancement of medical science, people used to seek nature’s help to cure themselves. Even now, medicinal plants and their uses are widely acknowledged and are used to cure ailments and diseases. While many synthetic medicines come with side effects, these plants are non-toxic and completely safe. Indian Ayurvedic home remedies have played an integral part in building our immunities during Covid-19. People across the world have started recognising these super-plants and are making consistent efforts to make them a part of their daily lives.

We at Craftdeal recognise the significance of these medicinal plants and their uses. Our products are curated to showcase the essence of organic and tradition. To save you some time, we have curated a list of 10 medicinal plants and their uses. Scroll down and fall in love with the plant that “digs” you!

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is called a versatile plant as it has numerous amount of benefits. It has also become a cult favourite for beauty gurus and they swear by using it for their skin. Some of the Aloe Vera plants are edible but one should check check if the Aloe Vera at your place is edible or not as it may have cause side effects. Aloe Vera is available in the form of supplements, juice, gel and the plant itself. Here are some of the good factors that Aloe Vera has:

  • Helps in treating constipation
  • Improves skin texture and reduces acne
  • Soothes skin from irritations
  • Prevents building of plaque

2) Tulsi

Tulsi is considered sacred and is worshipped by many in our Indian culture. Tulsi is rich in vitamins A, C and K. It is also contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. Pregnant women should ask their doctors before its consumption. Following are the benefits of “The Queen of Herbs” :

  • Reduces fever and pain by drinking its Tea
  • Decreases Stress and Blood Pressure
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Prevents hair loss

3) Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is considered a super food and is rich in many minerals and vitamins. This medicinal plants and its uses make it a very powerful ingredient. It is undoubtedly an exceptional choice because it is full of nutrients like magnesium, enzymes and chlorophyll. It is widely available in the form of juice and powder. Here are some of its uses:

  • Increases metabolism and helps in reducing fat
  • Wonderful to reduce diabetes
  • Eliminates toxins from your body

4) Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the key- ingredients of North Indian dishes. It oozes it with antiseptic properties. Indian brides have a special ceremony called “Haldi” , where people apply Turmeric on their faces. Turmeric Tea and milk flushes out toxins from your body and add a glow to your skin. Other uses of Turmeric include:

  • Reduces Hay fever
  • Helps to cure Insomnia
  • Reduces depression symptoms
  • Improves knee osteoarthritis.

5) Chamomile

Chamomile is beneficial and is made into tea by drying its flowers. Chamomile tea is a traditional remedy and scientists are searching more and more about its medicinal properties. It comes from the family of flowers and Romans used it as an incense as well. Some few benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea include:

  • Helps in Digestion
  • Increases quality of sleep
  • Decreases Stress.

6) Giloy

Giloy is also called as Heart-leaved moonseed. It is an antipyretic herb. It is available in the form of juice, powder or capsules. Moreover Giloy is also called the Ayurvedic Root of Immortality due to its extensive benefits. Above all, it is also very powerful in beating dengue. Patients are advised to drink giloy juice to reduce symptoms of dengue.

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Treats Chronic Fever
  • Reduces Asthmatic Symptoms

7) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic medicinal herb. It is available in the form of powder and capsules. Ashwaganda is a small shrub that has yellow flowers. It might also have anticancer properties. Ashwagandha has the following uses:

  • May improve brain function
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

8) Lavender

Lavender comes from the mint family and along with its beautiful purple colour, it has a very sweet scent. This medicinal plants and its uses are not limited to making a great perfume but is also helpful in reducing chronic diseases. Not only does Lavender tea helps in reducing stress level but you can get it from our website. Here are some other uses:

  • Combating fungal growth
  • Reduces Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Decreases Hot Flashes during menopause

9) Lemongrass

Firstly, Lemongrass is known for its Aromatic fragrance and is used in Aromatherapy. For Example, aromatherapy using Lemongrass extract can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It is also used a lot in Thai dishes and is native to Sri Lanka. Above all, drinking lemongrass in the form of tea can not only reduce stress but also helps in curing anxiety. Some of its uses include:

  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Regulates your cholesterol
  • Great for the skin

10) Ginger

Ginger is a staple spice in Indian dishes. Firstly, it contains Gingerol which has enormous medicinal properties. In addition, Gingerol has antioxidants therefore increasing our immunity. Moreover, ginger can be eating directly, in powder or juice form. Some of its benefit include:

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Improves Digestion
  • Lower the risk of cancer


Due to a lot of side-effects of the synthetic medicines, people are slowly changing their habits and seeking nature’s help. While we as a country have always practiced the power of Ayuerveda in our daily lives, it is important to showcase

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