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Organic toothbrush- A step towards Plastic Reduction

Bamboo Toothbrush pack

Have you ever wondered what the best toothbrush is all about? It definitely involves a toothbrush that cleanses your teeth properly. But, wait for a second! How about a toothbrush that cleans your mouth thoroughly and is eco-friendly? Sounds exciting. Doesn’t it? Introduction Production of toothbrushes leads to excess usage of plastic. As a result, […]

Bamboo Blend: Here’s Why This Grassy Fabric Is Awesome!

adopting hemp fashion

In this fast-paced world, fashion has taken on a ‘fast’ trend. As a result, the production of clothes is faster and cheaper. Therefore, consumption is greater. However, unfortunately, this has led to environmental deterioration. Fast fashion has led to mass landfilling. This isn’t serving well for our environment. Is it? What if you were to […]

Is Bamboo Fabric better than Polyester?

hemp better than polyster

Natural fibers like bamboo fabric are better in comparison to polyester and other synthetic fibers. This is because any natural fiber is more or less sustainable and eco-friendly. On the other hand, synthetic fibers make use of a lot of chemicals during the production process. Eventually, massive production leads to unsustainability and uncontrolled usage of […]

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