Sustainable Clothing- Which is the most environmentally friendly clothing?

sustaianble clothing

The world is changing and so should we. Our generation is the reason why every other generation will face problems like drinking water deficiency, noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and more. The industrial revolution marked the significance of an evolving human race. However, it also started the chain of “not caring about the world and selfish development”. People want more choices and simply want the best without thinking what “best” can actually cost us. Above all, to meet the needs of “thirsty” customers by providing infinite options. Fast Fashion and Fast Food have many cons than their pros. Thankfully, people are ditching these environment-hazards and are trying to act responsibly. One of the right step towards living a sustainable lifestyle is to adapt sustainable clothing.

What is sustainable clothing ?

Products which are good for the environment and are made by products that do not harm the environment much come under the category of sustainable products.There are many companies that are evolving and creating products that promote sustainability. Sustainable products include brushes, combs, clothes, books and much more.

Sustainable clothing are fabrics and clothes that are more environment friendly and cause less harm while its production or disposal. While creating sustainable clothing, we have to test many combinations that could provide ultimate comfort and are easy on the nature too! Keep on reading to know its benefits.

Benefits of sustainable clothing

There are many benefits for sustainable clothing. Firstly, they are super fashionable and secondly, very comfortable to wear. While mass producing fast fashion, a lot of water-wastage occur. However minimum water requirement takes place in producing these sustainable clothing options. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Animal Friendly
  • Minimum Textile Waste
  • Preserves water
  • Equitable wages and working conditions

There are many other benefits of sustainable clothing. 

Sustainable clothing options

The first priority when selecting about the material means to make sure that we never degrade the quality of the end product.While creating sustainable clothing, we have to test many combinations that could provide ultimate comfort and are easy on the nature too! Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton are some of the fibres that can be used for making sustainable clothing. Above all, one must also ensure to to check whether these clothes have these 2 qualities : recyclable and cause minimum water wastage. Below we discuss 2 of the major fabric that are being used to write history in fashion and environmental studies.

Bamboo and Hemp

Bamboo and hemp are naturally occurring substances and feel like silk on the skin. Both of them are cheap to produce and do not harm the nature as their waste is bio-degradable or recyclable.

Some of the benefits of Bamboo fabric i

  • Antimicrobial
  • feels soft and comfortable
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Hypoallergenic

Moreover, the benefits of Hemp clothing are:


  • Strongest fibre



  • Very durable



  • Prevents the formation of bacteria



  • Blocks UV Rays


Sustainable clothing and Craftdeal

We at Craftdeal have a variety of Organic fabrics collection from Bamboo to Hemp just for you. Check the spread we offer for women’s clothing range – bamboo yoga leggings and T-shirts. Ladies wear these yoga leggings and give yourself the comfort you deserve. Bamboo is a great fabric choice for yoga outfit for ladies, as it is very comfortable and flexible to stretch those muscles. We also provide multiple colour options to choose from. Leggings for women and t-shirts are a power pack duo for a comfortable home-outfit.

We also have a variety of Organic fabrics collection from Bamboo to Hemp just for you. Bamboo Fabric is a smart choice for men to be comfortable as well as support eco-friendly materials and voice -up for local. Wear a bamboo t-shirt for gym and checkout how sweat-absorbent they are! We also have bamboo polo t-shirts that are trendy and colourful.


Bamboo fibre and hemp clothing are 2 of the widely used sustainable clothing option. Modern world has revolutionised itself so much that there are many fabrics other than these 2 that are equally amazing. They will never be a fahion faux pass and neither be harmful to the environment. We at Craftdeal, provide a variety of hemp and bamboo clothing for men and women. To conclude we just want you to know that there exists many options to choose from, the only question is: Are you ready to change your lifestyle ?

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