Is Bamboo Clothing Durable?

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Bamboo clothing durability is known world-wide. Bamboo plant is one of the few to grow all over the world. An incredible grass as it is not only grows tall but also has strong poles. Its mechanical production  retains much of the plant’s natural durability, making it the number one go-to eco-friendly Fabric. Isn’t that wonderful? […]

Hemp- A new and exciting fiber for Indian fabrics!


Fashion industry professionals know how vital it is to use natural fibers. There is currently a surge in the usage of hemp fiber, mainly because of its environmental and moderate benefits. People have become dependent on this versatile fabric to such an extent that they rarely miss out on it. In this blog post, I […]

Everything you need to know about Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion could mean, in other words, saving an environment that we owe generations of lives. Why, you ask? Environment and our ecosystem are the sole cause behind nature that provides us with the basic necessities, be it sunlight, water or food. We need it for survival. Doesn’t that make us a little curious about […]

What is Bamboo Fiber Processing, Properties, and Applications?

Bamboo fiber has become a viable alternative to other filaments in the textile industry. Bamboo is a natural fiber, easy to work with, and provides excellent performance in terms of moisture absorption, abrasion resistance, and drapability. Aside from paper and food processing, it has substantial potential in fields such as medicine. Bamboo is a fast-growing […]