How Hemp Fabric Is Made & Why It’s Better

Hemp fabric

Sustainability is the path to achieve better lifestyle, greener environment and a cleaner way to live life. But sadly, people find sustainable products a trend that is only there for a season. Let me remind you that this trend, must never go out of fashion! Otherwise their will be a point of time where humans will be well, out of fashion! Companies are generating huge number of products that are simply labelled as sustainable but are much worse for the environment. Thankfully, emerging companies know the right way of doing things and are bringing genuine products to the market. One such product : Hemp Fabric

But before we follow this trend, we must question all the what, how and every question that boggles your mind when it comes to Hemp Fabric

The What. What is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp is a fabric that has been used since forever. Cannabis sativa plant family, known as a high-yielding crop is from where hemp fabric is derived. Archaeologists have traced the uses of hemp in the ancient Mesopotamian region and its roots are tracked in China. It has a lot of significance in the history too. People believe that North America also produced Hemp fabric. And get this, American Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper!

Earlier, hemp was used in many non-clothing ways. Sailors used hemp due to its strong nature. Secondly, it was formed into ropes, furniture and even paper was made out of it. Nowadays, Hemp fabric is used to make colourful and trendy clothes that are nature-loving and comfortable at the same time. Hemp fabric is organic, eco-friendly and once you switch to hemp fabric, you would never regret it. Do not trust us still? Hang on tight and we will prove you wrong

The How. How is Hemp Fabric made ?

Now that we are enlightened by “the what” knowledge, let us know more about “the how”. Read the steps carefully and who knows, you might want to create Hemp fabric for yourself!

How is Hemp Fabric made
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As mentioned earlier, Hemp fabric is derived from Cannabis plant and a process known as “retting” is practised to separate the long fibre strands from the stalk of the plant. Just like many organic fabric, it has to be spun together to produce threads which eventually will help making fabric. The threads are the woven together to create the most strongest fabric. For the oomph factor, we add exciting dyes to make them trendy and voila! the fabric is ready to be stitched.

The Why. Why switch to Hemp Clothing?

Now that we have stitched our Hemp fabric into trendy clothing, we must also know the benefits of wearing these sassy clothing. Undoubtedly, Hemp fabric is one of the toughest and strongest fibres so do not worry of having it torn due to some pin or any other random incident. Other benefits of Hemp Fabric are :

1) Love thy water!

Hemp uses much less water than any other crop. In fact, hemp requires a lot less water than while growing cotton. Imagine wearing these comfortable clothing and killing 2 birds with one stone! Firstly, say Adios to the itchy feeling and appreciate the longevity of hemp clothing . Secondly, be the saviour of environment, as you successfully saved a lot of water that would have been wasted to produce other fabrics.

2) Hassle free growth

People usually presume that since it is a sustainable clothing fabric, it will be very difficult to grow. Normal people are unable to pin point any difference between Hemp plant and Marijuana but we all know these can not be more different. Another interesting fact about Hemp plant is that it grows like weed. Therefore, we do not have to worry about using chemicals and pesticides for its growth.

3) Feel Posh!

Although well-known as one of the strongest fabric, it also feels good on your skin! It will remind you of silk to say the least. Above all, this wonder fabric gets softer and softer after every wash. Well while your fast-fashion clothes would wear-out after every wash, your skin will fall for these soft hemp clothes again and again.

4) Ages like a fine wine

Every loved wardrobe piece gets into the dumpster after 3-4 washes due to it being stretchy, itchy, washed off and what not. But what if we tell you that Hemp fabric ages like wine. Do not worry, it is not a dream! Hemp Fabric transforms into more soft and supple version of its previous self. Therefore, It softens with time.

Thanks to the natural compounds that are present in hemp, we will enjoy our clothing without worrying about the fabric to feel like cactus. Well, say hello to silky Hemp!

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