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Organic Living Guides means living naturally. craft deal provides different organic products for you. got to our store and buy organic products.

Our health food store craftdeal, has an organic food range which is a crafted list of products for healthy living.

What are the potential risks inherent with rock salt lamps?

Himalayan Salt Lamp Craftdeal

Having a rock salt lamp at home improves the look of any room and reduces energy costs at the same time. Adding these lamps is a great way to add a unique aesthetic to one’s space it is imperious to consider the dangers of the salt lamp. The purpose of this post is to describe […]

Himalayan rock salt lamps: Can they benefit you?


In my experience, I prefer Himalayan rock salt lamps to other methods as they are cheap, easy to use, and are effective in removing negative energies. The Himalayan rock salt lamps purify the body, enhance memory, and help you focus and concentrate better. Green living makes a significant contribution to human health, the environment, and […]

How to wash and care for bamboo clothes and fabric

egyptian cotton towels

Bamboo fabric in a dryer is one of the best ways to maintain the fabric and clothes made out of it. However, like Sherlock Holmes would say, ” a curious mind wants more.” So what is the Bamboo fabric? Originally made from the pulp of bamboo grass, bamboo fabric has caught the attention of designers worldwide. […]

How to check your hemp fabric is really made from hemp?

Hemp fabric is a long-lasting and comfortable natural fibre derived from the stalks of the cannabis Sativa plant. It was hemp that has recently been recognised as a legal industrial corp. This was after a long history of being restricted across states. Hemp is grown in a natural manner. It is an extremely healthy option […]

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