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Tea Lovers! Here’s Why Organic Tea is the go-to

tea - medicinal plants and their uses

Organic tea is extremely flavourful, usually dried and packed very carefully with the least amount of packing. We all know that Indians are tea lovers to an extent that mornings without it seems almost unbearable. If you are one of those, I am sure you can relate. Isn’t tea to our body like sugar to […]

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon

green tea with lemon health benefits

Herbal Teas are so underrated yet effective. Since the 2010’s, people have started hopping on this healthy trend of drinking herbal and green teas. They not only are preferable over tea/coffee but provide same amount of energy. Not to mention the goodness one gets from inculcating the habit of drinking green tea. Moreover, thanks to […]

How to Be Healthy: 10 Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

Healthy Lifestyle of yoga

Before diving into the topic, let us first understand the meaning of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle does not mean eating bland food or simply eating nothing but air! Similarly being unhealthy and being fat are 2 completely different topics. A Healthy Lifestyle is to balance your day with a balanced diet, exercise and […]

14 Immune-Booster Superfoods to Add in Your Diet

immune booster superfoods

Superfoods are a must in your diet. Find why here. In this modern world, we often ignore our diet until something major happens to us. In practicality, being fit would be when a person is active, happy, sleeping well, energetic, and calm. Our poor health habits make it seem like these are a luxury when […]

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