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Organic is the new trend and what better way to catch-up on this trend by buying these powerful products at our health food store! Jumpstart a healthy day with our organic powders like moringa powder and wheatgrass powder. Top all your salads and smoothies with our health seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds. Replace that harmful sugar in your tea with our organic honey. Stand up for a healthier lifestyle by swapping that white rice with our black rice and red rice.

Honey syrup – the go-to for weight loss

Wild Honey

Honey Syrup is often understood as a sweet viscid substance. It is made from nectar and is stored in nests or hives as food. The best part? It is considered to be an ultimate addition for most recipes. However, mostly, it is considered to be the best for weight loss. A lot of people in […]

Tea Lovers! Here’s Why Organic Tea is the go-to

tea - medicinal plants and their uses

Organic tea is extremely flavourful, usually dried and packed very carefully with the least amount of packing. We all know that Indians are tea lovers to an extent that mornings without it seems almost unbearable. If you are one of those, I am sure you can relate. Isn’t tea to our body like sugar to […]

14 Immune-Booster Superfoods to Add in Your Diet

immune booster superfoods

Superfoods are a must in your diet. Find why here. In this modern world, we often ignore our diet until something major happens to us. In practicality, being fit would be when a person is active, happy, sleeping well, energetic, and calm. Our poor health habits make it seem like these are a luxury when […]

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