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Your pretty set of pearly whites deserves only the best! Besides, you wouldn’t want to start your day, being a part of plastic pollution, would you? It’s time for a small change that stimulates a huge impact on our environment and enhances your oral care game. Start by swapping your plastic toothbrush with our Bamboo toothbrush and wooden toothbrush. Feel free to accompany it with our copper tongue cleaner and neem tongue scrapper along with our bamboo India toothbrush.

Neem toothbrush vs plastic toothbrush – which is better?

neem toothbrush

How many of you still use plastic toothbrushes? The need for a neem toothbrush is more than a passing trend. Are you aware that neem toothbrushes are more effective, efficient, and hygienic? This post aims to teach you the advantages of a neem toothbrush over a plastic one. Why do you think most people are […]

What Makes Bamboo Toothbrush Better?

Bamboo toothbrushes - eco friendly products

A bright smile with pearl like teeth is a wish that everyone wants to be fulfilled. Brushing teeth twice a day, flossing teeth everyday is very important for oral hygiene. But what if I tell you that your toothbrush and toothpaste also play a very important role in getting healthy teeth ? It is very […]

5 Best Eco-friendly Products To Buy in 2021

Bamboo toothbrushes - eco friendly products

With a wide range of eco friendly products in the market, it only gets overwhelming to find the best. So, here are the 5 best products to use in 2021. Being eco-friendly has become very important now than ever before. What does being Eco-friendly mean? It’s living without causing any harm to the environment. It […]

7 Ultimate plastic alternatives that you should Immediately switch

ultimate plastic alternatives

Plastic is a synthetic material that is light-weighted and cheap. But due to its excessive use of our day to day lives, plastic garbage is shooting up year by year. Thanks to its materials, plastic remains immortal at high temperature and pressure conditions. A substance that cannot degrade but is being produced heavily impacts greatly […]

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