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We at Craftdeal present you with the best water bottle collection! Choosing Bamboo bottles over plastic is not only a step towards reducing plastic usage but also providing employment opportunities for the local bamboo farmers and artisans. Check out our bottle range to pick the best water bottle to go eco-friendly. Our copper water bottle is a smart way to incorporate highly beneficial copper into your health routine.

Water bottles are a big part of many people’s lives. Because we drink so much water every day, or just for convenience, they are crucial to our well-being. It may be harmful to our health and the environment for some people to drink from plastic bottles. For this reason, a bamboo water bottle may be a better option.

You can choose to reduce the amount of plastic that enters your body if you switch to a bamboo bottle. Bamboo bottles are 100% recyclable, they are not harmful to the environment, and they are reusable up to 20 times after you use them.

If you choose to drink out of plastic bottles, you may be doing more harm to yourself than you think! If you use a plastic bottle, be aware of the fact that the plastic is toxic! You may be trying to recycle your plastic bottles. You may be contributing to the littering of the environment by putting plastics in the garbage.

Bamboo bottles are very durable and long-lasting as they will not break or be damaged easily. They are very light and easy to use. It is aforesaid that bamboo bottles stay fresher for longer than their plastic counterparts as they have a natural filter. You can store them upright and in place for long periods.

Bamboo Bottles- A Perfect Alternative to Plastic Bottles

Plastic pollution - Bamboo bottles

I have one question for all of you; what are the things that we use in our day-to-day life made from? They have plastics in them. Yes! The present scenario somewhere depicts that there is more plastic than humans in the world. Chairs, tables, food containers, pens, pencil boxes, water bottles, and many things contain […]

5 Best Eco-friendly Products To Buy in 2021

Bamboo toothbrushes - eco friendly products

With a wide range of eco friendly products in the market, it only gets overwhelming to find the best. So, here are the 5 best products to use in 2021. Being eco-friendly has become very important now than ever before. What does being Eco-friendly mean? It’s living without causing any harm to the environment. It […]

5 Powerful Copper Benefits For Your Body

copper benefits

Sure, copper is used for wiring and electronics, but did you know it has health benefits too?  Copper is an essential micro-mineral or trace mineral that your body requires to function well. Unlike macro minerals, copper is needed in small amounts and since our body doesn’t produce it, it should be taken externally. We’ll be […]

7 Ultimate plastic alternatives that you should Immediately switch

ultimate plastic alternatives

Plastic is a synthetic material that is light-weighted and cheap. But due to its excessive use of our day to day lives, plastic garbage is shooting up year by year. Thanks to its materials, plastic remains immortal at high temperature and pressure conditions. A substance that cannot degrade but is being produced heavily impacts greatly […]

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