8 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon

green tea with lemon health benefits

Herbal Teas are so underrated yet effective. Since the 2010’s, people have started hopping on this healthy trend of drinking herbal and green teas. They not only are preferable over tea/coffee but provide same amount of energy. Not to mention the goodness one gets from inculcating the habit of drinking green tea. Moreover, thanks to the vast industry, many companies launch different flavour induced green-teas. When derived from natural ingredients, these flavourful herbal concoction uplifts your mood and helps dealing with many health issues. One can also add ingredients himself to uplift the tasting factor of green tea. One such combination is green tea with lemon.

There are many companies that have their take on lemon and green tea mix. But if we simply squeeze half a lemon in our cup of rich green tea, it will be 10 times more powerful than artificial flavouring. Keep scrolling to know about the benefits of green tea with lemon.

1) Rich Source of antioxidants

Lemon and green tea both posses rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants have the ability to fight for different chronic diseases as they can fight against free radicals and protect our cells. Antioxidants can help in fighting cancer, heart diseases and removes toxins from your body that makes your body healthy internally as well as externally.

Half a squeeze of lemon in hot green tea have antioxidants like EGCG and ascorbic acid. This can also help reduce inflammation and with everyday’s intake, your body might show healthy signs like glowing and brightened skin.

2) Helps in Weight Reduction

It is said that continuous digestion of green tea and lemon increase the speed of metabolism. Metabolism is the process in which the food we digest converts into energy. If someone has a rapid metabolism, they tend to digest and burn the food they intake faster and the extra storage of food (fat layer) is less. The more calories we burn, the faster the process of weight loss. EGCG in green tea help to burn belly fat and body fat. Lemon conatins citric acid which boosts the process of metabolism. Together green tea with lemon may help to reduce your stubborn belly fat.

3) Increase Energy Level

As mentioned earlier when our metabolism works at rapid speed. We tend to create more energy from the food we in gulp. This increase in energy level will make sure that we do not find any legit excuse of fatigue and tiredness. Green tea also contains caffeine, found in coffee and tea is known for recharging the energy in our body.

Regular use of green tea with lemon can also increase alertness and provide the needed energy for physical work as well.

4) Reduce Stress

Green tea and lemon both contain antioxidants that help in reducing stress and produce happy hormones. These hormones help in uplifting the mood and reduces mental stress. Stress can be very harmful as one is not able to concentrate on anything. Therefore it is very important to lead a stress free life. Who knew that a cup of tea could solve this problem!

5) Keeps one hydrated

It is very important for us to stay healthy and that requires us to be always hydrated. But at times drinking water all day long can be a bit boring. So green teas as an alternative will reap you the benefits of water as well as break the monotonous taste of water. Not to mention the vitamin-c and other power-packed benefits along them!

6) Reduces bad breath

epigallocatechin-3-gallate  or EGCG found in green tea is also known to be healthy for your oral health. Bad breath is generally due to building bad bacteria in your mouth. EGCG fights and protects against the growth of bad bacteria and prevents from having awful breath. You do not require to have mints before an important day, just a healthy cup of green tea with lemon!

7) Beneficial for diabetic patients

Although green tea with lemon is not a sure short method for diabetic patients, there are many people who have felt better in their conditions after regularly drinking it. Researchers discovered that it can decrease blood sugar levels. Above all it provides the ray of hope for many diabetic patients as it does not have any side effects.

It is important to note that we are nowhere discouraging the importance of medicines. Green tea may give benefits to diabetic patients if they drink it regularly with their medications as and when advised by their doctor.

8) Caffeine for brain functionality

Green tea with lemon does not have a lot of caffeine like coffee or tea but is enough to give powerful benefits. There are many studies that provide evidence that caffeine not only provides energy but also helps in improving brain functionality. This include strengthening memory, increase alertness and swing mood in the happy direction. Above all, there are many supporters of green tea that prove that they feel more productive at work when they drink green tea than coffee!


There are more benefits than these above listed points. These include lowering the risk of cancer, can protect from diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and can help to lower the risk of stroke. Fostering this lifestyle change may seem like a small step but will give astounding benefits in long term. We at Craftdeal, have curated an exquisite range of green teas and herbal teas that cure specific problems. Do check them out here!