7 Ultimate plastic alternatives that you should Immediately switch

ultimate plastic alternatives

Plastic is a synthetic material that is light-weighted and cheap. But due to its excessive use of our day to day lives, plastic garbage is shooting up year by year. Thanks to its materials, plastic remains immortal at high temperature and pressure conditions. A substance that cannot degrade but is being produced heavily impacts greatly on the environment. Everything that is man-made has some amount of plastic in it. For example, chips of our mobile phones, toothbrushes, pens, bottles and even our satellites. The amount of plastic pollution is alarming and calling our attention. Don’t worry, this blog is not here to discuss only the problems. We are here to show how you can be a responsible citizen and make our mother Earth breathable again by making some sound decisions and switching to efficient plastic alternatives.

For now, let’s focus on single used plastics. As the name suggests, plastics that are only meant to use for a single time are called single-use plastic. This may include cups, bottles and etc. To control our needs for single used plastics, we have to follow the 5 Rs. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle. In this blog, we will implement the first step and share 7 ultimate plastic alternatives for sustainable and healthy living.

1) Tooth Brushes and Dental kit

Make your first task of the day a responsible choice. There are many alternatives in the market that provide eco-friendly options that are pocket friendly and even have a longer shelf life. We at Craftdeal provide a variety of eco-friendly dental kits include tongue cleaners and Neem and Bamboo toothbrushes that are way healthier options and also environment friendly. Check out our Oral Care Range here.

Bamboo-Combo-Oral Kit
Bamboo-Combo-Oral Kit

2) Earthen Pot Utensils

In India, people in the rural areas are still living traditionally by using whatever mother earth provides. These earthen utensils fit your budget, are healthy alternatives and are 100% nature-loving. Earthen pots for water storage during summers is a very old practice in Indian households. Firstly, it keeps the water chilled and prevents the harmful rays of the refrigerator from entering your body. Lastly, it also boosts our local handicrafts which alone becomes a compelling reason to get your hands on this earthy goodness.

3) Bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the most used single-use plastic and can be easily refused. Post-Covid, people have started taking their bottles wherever they go. Although it might reduce the need for plastic-packed bottles, it still does not replace the plastic bottles that are kept in our homes. Bamboo, glass, steel and copper bottles are amazing plastic alternatives. While bottles made of steel keep the temperature intact, copper bottles add nutrients to water and make it healthy. Craftdeal offers a wide range of eco-friendly bottles including Bamboo Steel Bottle which are leak-proof and very convenient to use. The link to our range is here. Have a look and be enchanted!

Bamboo- Steel Bottle

4) Sanitary Pads

Although still considered a taboo in our country, women have periods PERIOD! Sanitary Pads is a necessity for every woman. Pads that are available in the market are highly uncomfortable and very costly. In rural areas, women prefer using cloth that can cause harmful problems. Silicon menstrual cups are the best plastic alternative as they are very cheap as one cup can last for years, very easy to use and is super uncomfortable. Those who find using a menstrual cup difficult, can easily switch to reusable sanitary pads that provide the same comfort. It is high time that we talk about periods openly and take the right steps to create both social and environmental awareness.

5) Clothing

Fast Fashion has seen exponential growth over the years. The greed to want more clothes have caused companies to start mass and immediate production of different trends. Most of these clothes and textiles eventually reach landfills. Clothes contain one fibre called polyester which is plastic. Now as an individual we cannot stop the production instantly but what we can do is to be a responsible buyer. A modern problem has a modern solution known as eco-friendly clothing options. Craftdeal has an amazing clothing line for both men and women. We offer bamboo clothing in evergreen colours which are available in various sizes.

6) Straws and Chop-Sticks

Straws can be hands down the most useless used plastic product that is ever created. The cheapest way to avoid plastic straws is to simply avoid the straws! For restaurants and hotels, there are a lot of plastic alternatives available in the market. Paper straws or recyclable straws are nature friendly and does not lose your pocket strings as well. Stainless Steel straws, wooden chopsticks and stainless

7) Grooming Hair and Beard Brushes

The fact that we give an enormous amount of importance we give to our hair care and beard grooming is an understatement. But the brushes that we use for it are made of plastic. Plastic hair combs do not provide any added benefits and is harsh to nature as well. To save your hair and beard, we at Craftdeal offer Neem hair comb and handmade wooden beard comb that are super stylish and perfect plastic alternatives. Neem hair comb is not only super-chic but also is amazing for your scalp. It prevents itchiness, dryness and promotes hair growth. Grab your hands on these amazing products now!

7.5 Pure Neem Comb 2
7.5 Pure Neem Comb 2


We are the generation that is responsible for this massive and destructive change to our planet and we have to be the ones to take measures accordingly. A few steps towards a sustainable lifestyle can be a huge step towards a revolutionary change. It is high time we hold ourselves accountable and act like “humans”. Nature is calling for desperate damage control, Can you be its Saviour?

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