6 Reasons to switch to Bamboo Cotton

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We all live in an era where our morning starts with a croissant and vogue magazine and ends with fashion week trends. Everyday multiple trends get boomed and several dial down. Looking presentable matters and clothes and fashion have dug their way towards our day to day life. Everyone wants to be iconic and fashionable. However, we never ponder as to how fashion causes havoc. Up until now, we must all know about fast fashion. The amount of water used for its production, poor wages and unsanitary health conditions for workers, cruelty on animals and not to mention, massive pollution.

An alarming situation beholds right in front of us and we as citizens hesitate to take a bold stand. It is high time to push ourselves and demand for what is right for us and the nature. Above all, we must also be the revolution so that every species can live in a clean and green environment. One step towards promoting sustainable lifestyle : Bamboo Cotton

Origins of Bamboo

We all must have eaten dumplings from a Bamboo basket, learnt about bamboo irrigation during our school days and have drawn a cute panda sitting on a bamboo branch. Someway or the other one must have had encountered with one Bamboo product in their lifetime. Well, that is because except Europe and Antarctica, Bamboo is found everywhere. Some believe that its origins are from China. Others emphasise about the vast variety and density of Bamboo trees found around Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, Bamboo is used at its full potential. Some species make fine paper,the stems contribute in making furniture and the silica contributes in making medicine. There are many other possibilities of using Bamboo and one such is : creating fabric out of it!

Hello Bamboo Cotton

Bamboo cotton, a textile that is made from Bamboo fibres. Ancient history also used Bamboo in clothing but Bamboo cotton definitely revolutionised the industry. Bamboo Cotton is 100% organic, renewable and does not harm the nature. Refined cotton like Linen and Bamboo Cotton have similar texture. However Bamboo Cotton is way more ahead in terms of fashion, securing nature and comfort. We at Craftdeal, understand the importance of sustainability and highly recommend Bamboo Cotton. It is a right step for nature and fashion revolution. Keep reading the article to know the amazing facts about Bamboo Cotton which will help you in making the right choice.

Polo Bamboo T-shirt Bamboo Clothing India
Polo Bamboo T-shirt Bamboo Clothing India

1) Nature Friendly

Bamboo grows like a guy’s height when it reaches puberty, very rapidly! It does not require any harmful chemicals to grow and every part of Bamboo is recyclable. Bamboo Cotton to is organic as well as recyclable. It does not require a lot of clean water to produce and hence saves water. Furthermore, it will never have to reach landfill as one can make its compost for their own kitchen garden. It means that Bamboo Cotton will serve even after the clothes are worn out!

2) Bye Bye Odour

One will always remember your fragrance. It can sometimes act as a make or a break deal. Imagine a person drenched in its own sweat and one having a clean presentable look, who would you want to talk to ? 50 Bucks, I say that 90% people will choose the latter. Now not all of us are privileged to not have a body odour and sometimes we forget spritzing our favourite perfume. Bamboo Cotton to the rescue! They are antimicrobial and have bioagents that fight odour causing bacteria.

3) Ac/Heater: 2 in 1 offer

It sounds weird but trust us – For ages people are making houses and furniture for one simple reason, Insulation. Insulation is anything that does not react easily with the chemicals present outside. Therefore, it becomes cool during Summer time and is warm when their is winter. Similarly, these clothes will keep you cool in summers and hot in winter, pun intended!

4) No more sweaty patches

We have already told you that Bamboo Clothing helps to fight odour causing bacteria. But what if we add a cherry to this beautiful cake! Bamboo Clothing is sweat absorbent. There are tiny pores in the fabric that absorbs sweat and is one of the crucial reasons why it is used in athletic wear.

5) Body Sunscreen

The amount of care we give to our face is tremendous. It is very important that we apply sunscreen on our face. However this rule is applicable for our whole body. Thankfully, we have got your laziness covered. Bamboo fibre protects us from harmful UV rays that can cause rashes, burns and skin cancer.

6) Luxury Vibes – Check!

When you enter a luxurious brand, one thing you want from it is that the material should be fine as wine. Well not only Bamboo fabric is one of the strongest material, it feels like butter or silk to skin. It is also a lot more softer than regular cotton.


We bet that we have at least made a dent in your mind when it comes to picking Bamboo Clothes. The non-negotiable comfort and the pros for the environment make it an irresistible deal for both environmentalist and Influencers. From whichever side you belong, trust us when we say that you will never look back, still not convinced ? Then click here.

We at Craftdeal, provide a variety of clothes that have Bamboo in them. These colourful vibrant clothing come in many shape and sizes for both men and women. Feel free to shop-online and fall in love with Bamboo Cotton!

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