5 Proven Benefits of Ashwagandha Tea

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Ashwagandha is commonly known as Indian ginseng and winter cherry. It is an evergreen shrub that had been in use for over 3000 years for different kinds of health benefits.

At times like this, we realize how important it is to possess a strong immune system to fight any kind of viruses or diseases. When no medicine can cure disease and no doctor is available to treat it, our immune system is the only support system we can rely on. As it plays such an important role in our body, it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy immune system. And we should do it starting from now, instead of waiting for a disease to act upon. Ashwagandha has a powerful effect of boosting our immune system. Such natural herbs should be consumed and should be made as a habitual routine to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

As most of us are already in a habit of drinking tea every day, why not switch normal tea to Ashwagandha tea and relish its benefits. Apart from building immunity, there are innumerous benefits of Ashwagandha tea, here are a few of them.

1- Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Especially during this pandemic, many of us are going through a lot of stress as we are staying indoors. Our anxiety levels are always high because are worried about our loved ones who are far away. And as we don’t get to socialize or go out to take fresh air, many people are going through depression. Undoubtedly, regular exercising and eating right helps relieve our mental status. A number of studies also show that Ashwagandha greatly helps in stabilizing our mental health. The adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha have antidepressant effects and the tea itself works as a natural mood stabilizer.

The herb helps in the reduction of cortisol levels, which reduces the impact of flight or fight response in our body, calming down our mind. Ashwagandha tea also helps in reducing anxiety symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, nervousness and trembling. There are so many other benefits of ashwagandha as well.

2- Reduces Inflammation

A number of studies show that Ashwagandha has the ability to reduce inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein that indicates the risk of a heart attack. Ashwagandha had been identified as a secondary metabolite with amazing medicinal values.  Inflammation is a root cause of many diseases including heart attack, body pains, arthritis, auto-immune diseases and many more.

Reducing the inflammation levels in our body keeps a lot of these conditions at bay. Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb that works in reducing inflammation.

3- Improves Brain Function

Amongst the ayurvedic medicines, Ashwagandha was traditionally used to boost memory power. It has a considerable potential as a neuroprotective in various brain disorders. Studies suggest that it helps in reducing oxidative brain stress and preventing nerve cell damage. Consumption of Ashwagandha regularly improve memory power and increase spatial-visual memory.

Ashwagandha also protects our brain from cell degeneration, hence protecting us from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.  It protects us against neurotic atrophy and synaptic loss which are associated with these diseases.

4- Improves Heart Health

Ashwagandha also helps in preventing heart disease according to some studies. It can boost the cardiorespiratory endurance of the body which in turn maintains heart health. High cholesterol is one of the major reasons for a heart attack. Its consumption may reduce cholesterol levels in the body keeping the heart away from risk. Ashwagandha Tea contains powerful antioxidants, prevent anxiety and stress, helps lower blood pressure levels.

Ashwagandha also lowers high blood pressure, which in turn affects heart health. Consumption of Ashwagandha also increases insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity and hence lower blood sugar levels in diabetics or pre-diabetics.

Improves Fertility and Muscle building

For thousands of years, Ashwagandha treated hypogonadism, low libido, and male infertility. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is a rejuvenating tonic that restores strength from within. A number of studies proved that Ashwagandha has the power to significantly increase testosterone levels in the body. It helps boost sperm quality and therefore fertility in men.

Although there are a lot of modern options available to help muscle growth like creatine monohydrate and whey protein, Ashwagandha has its own place in this regard. Ashwagandha tea has an amazing ability to reduce cortisol levels in the body. High cortisol can slow down testosterone production, cause insomnia, suppress the immune system, encourages muscle breakdown and fat storage. cortisol automatically reduces all its ill effects are when it is in control.

On the whole, Ashwagandha is an allrounder of ayurvedic medicine for many different ailments. The benefits of Ashwagandha are extensive. You can consume Ashwagandha in many forms, powder, capsules and tea. Ashwagandha tea is the most convenient way to consume it and it’s available on our website to order.

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