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I have bought almost all the colors of Bamboo Tshirts!! Love the fabric💖

Shilpa Sharma

I just totally loved the flavor of this tea. I ordered this product to boost my immunity because Ashwagandha is a natural superfood.

K. Gupta

Bamboo Leggings are as comfortable as they get. Thanks Craftdeal


From Our Blog

How we aim to sell organic products in a sustainable way

Craftdeal had come into existence with a strong positive motive towards a eco- friendly sustainable environment. We believe that it is our responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect the global ecosystem to foster our long-term well-being.

We aim for a better future by utilizing the resources on this planet mindfully. After all, we do not have another one to pass it to our next generations, do we?

With that in mind, we have crafted all our products with utmost care towards mother earth.  We are well aware that no business plan would be sustainable by exploiting the precious resources given by our nature.

Sustainability is the key

We chose bamboo as our primary material for most of our products because it is one of the most sustainable crops on this planet. It is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric material we use in today’s world. Let us give you a couple of facts for a better insight into bamboo’s awesomeness. Bamboo doesn’t require any pesticide or chemical fertilizer for healthy growth, which cuts off the usage of harmful substances, making it truly organic. Its harvest doesn’t imply deforestation as there is no need to remove the roots of the plant to use bamboo. Since stalks eventually regrow from the base, the bamboo harvest does not partake in soil erosion. Also, bamboo grows in abundance in our country (10 million hectares to be precise) and when it shows such a positive impact on our biodiversity, why opt for anything else?

Customer’s delight and comfort

Apart from all of its positive impact on a sustainable environment, the bamboo fibre is surprisingly quite human friendly as well. The fibre obtained from bamboo is super-soft and assuring a luxurious feel on the skin. It is also a great moisture absorbent and needless to say, it keeps bacteria and odour away since it dries up the sweat within no time. Also, the fibre is perfect for sensitive and irritable skin types, basically suiting everybody.

An Eco-friendly process of production

Did you know that bamboo is also called a poor man’s timber? It is known so because of its versatile nature and multiple uses. In fact, India is the world’s second large cultivator of bamboo after china. It is grown in 10 million hectares in India and about 8.6 million people depend on bamboo for their livelihood and the majority of it is rural India. Eco-friendly and sustainable businesses solely focusing on organic products like ours, additionally provide a huge opportunity for locals to grow and harvest bamboo.

At Craftdeal we take great pride in supporting the local artisans and their soulful efforts dedicated to various stages of developing a product, starting from growing bamboo to producing the end product.